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2020 New Non-contact Infrared Thermometer Digital Forehead Hand Temperature Sensor Laser Gun With Fever Alarm Wall Mounted

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Note: Dear customers, welcome to our store for shopping. Each thermometer and oximeter has corresponding detailed description and pictures. If you want to know more about the products, please read them patiently. Finally, I wish you a happy shopping!

Type 1 Details and pictures


This wall mount non-contact infrared thermometer is very easy to use and convenient for body and objects. You don’t need to contact it, and the accurate readings will automatically appear on the screen with LCD display. With alarm, 0.5S quick test and self-service.


Non-contact Design: This wall mount forehead thermometer can be mount on the wall, and measure the human body temperature with a 5cm-10cm(2.0in-3.9in) distance from forehead. When you approach the thermometer, the reading will automatically appear on the screen quickly with self-service.

Accurate and Quick Measurement: It use infrared technology to scan and measure the temperature of the forehead with 0.5S quick test. The reading is quite precisely and reliable with accuracy up to +/-0.2℃/0.4℉.

Flexible Use: Thermometers can be used to measure surrounding people and objects such as for water measurement, pet temperature. Of course, it is suitable for adults and kids. It can be installed through nail hook, double-sided adhesive sticking or bracket fixing as you desired.

Intelligent Temperature Warning: It will change depending on readings. When <32℃/89.6℉, it displays “Lo”. Show green lights and alarm “Di” between 32℃-37.4℃/89.6℉-99.3℉; and flashing red lights and alarm “Di Di” to indicate your temperature is between 37.5℃-42.8℃/99.5℉-109.0℉. When >42.8℃/109.0℉, it displays “Hi”.

Complete Features: This thermometer supports mode switching. For your convenience, the tested temperature can be displayed in either Celsius and Fahrenheit. And it can change to surface mode, body mode and counting mode.


Item Type: Thermometer

Color: White and Black

Counting Capacity: 999

Measuring Method: Non-contact

Abnormal Automatic Alarm: Flashing + “Di Di” sound

Automatic Measurement: Measuring distance 5cm-10cm/2.0in-3.9in

Screen: Digital display

Charging Method: USB charging or 18650 Li-ion battery(not included).

Install Method: Nail hook, double-sided adhesive sticking, bracket fixing

Environment Temperature: 10℃-40℃/50℉-104℉ (Recommended 15℃-35℃/59℉-95℉)

Infrared Measuring Range: 0-50℃/32-122℉

Response Time: 0.5s

Input: DC 5V

Standby: About one week

Accuracy: +/-0.2 degrees (34-45℃/93.2-113℉, place it in the operating environment for 30 minutes before use)

Net Weight: 263.5g

Gross Weight: 400g

Size: Approx. 16.8 * 11.2 * 13.0cm / 6.6 * 4.4 * 5.1in

Quantity: 1 PC


1. Please do not disassemble and assemble the battery without permission. If the battery is broken or exploded without authorization, it has nothing to do with our company.

2. If you need to install the battery, please contact after-sales service.

3. Size information is just for reference only, please allow 1-2cm (0.4-0.8″) differences due to manual measurement, thanks.

4. Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same.

Package List:

1 * Thermometer

1 * USB Cable

1 * Pair of Double-sided Tape Pieces

1 * Screw

Type 2 Details and pictures

The infrared thermometer can be used to read the body temperature and object/surface temperature. Wide Applicability: Widely used at home or in factory resumption, office building, shopping mall and so on.


With imported high precision infrared sensor, stable and feasible performance.

Automatic measurement: Measuring distance 5cm~10cm.

Strong environmental temperature adaptability, could normally used in complex environment.

Flexible installation: This infrared thermometer can be placed on a tripod or fixed on the wall to ensure personal safety. Hands-free self-service test.

Large size of LCD screen, double color high brightness backlight, clear and soft display.

Fever alarm. Audio and visual fever warning.

Two temperature units of Celsius (℃) and Fahrenheit (℉) available. Easy to switch.

Automatically save 50 sets of measurement data. Automatically shutdown to save power and energy.


Model: ES-T05

Display exact number of digits: 0.1℃(0.1℉)

Storage temperature: -25℃~55℃(-13℉~131℉)

Operation temperature: 16℃~35℃(60.8℉~95℉)

Relative humidity: ≤85%

Power supply: DC 3V (2cells in series 5) not included

Product size: 70*35*120mm

Memory of Data: 50 sets measurement value

*Measurement Range:

Human body measurement range: 34.0~42.9℃(93.2℉~109.2℉)

Measuring distance range: 5~10cm(optimum distance)

Automatic shutdown: About 15s without operation

*Measurement Accuracy:

34~39℃(93.2~102.2℉: ±0.2℃(0.4℉)

39~42.9℃(102.2~109.2℉): ±0.3℃(0.54℉)

Package size: 14*9*6cm

Package weight: 138g

Packing List:

1 x Thermometer

1 x Manual

Type 3 Details and pictures

This product is a non-contact hanging infrared thermometer that professionally used for the human's forehead. With an alarm system, high precision. It is a non-contact design. What's more, target quicker, the result will be displayed on the screen in 0.5s, fast and no need to wait. It is suitable for office, subway, family, super mall, shop, community entrance etc.


[High Precision Infrared Thermometer]: Temperature display range: 0-50℃. Within 5-10cm measuring distance, safe, clean, stable, and reliable performance. It is suitable for office, subway, family, super mall, shop, community entrance etc.

[Designed to Meet Your Needs]: ℃ and ℉ switchable(There is a small hole on the back of the device, you can use a 3mm diameter screwdriver to insert the hole and then press the button for 3s), voice broadcast in five languages(Chinese English Russian Japanese Korean), click to switch.

[Target Quicker] : Just stand in front of this thermometer about 5-10cm, the result will be displayed on the screen in 0.5s. It is fast and there is no need to wait.

[Non-Contact]: This kind of temperature measurement is not like a traditional thermometer, it will no contact during temperature measurement.

[Warranty]: If there are any problems, please contact our store in time. We will give you a satisfactory solution. Thank you for your understanding and welcome next time.


Item: Infrared thermometer

Temperature display range: 0-50℃

Accuracy: ±0.2 degrees

Ambient temperature: 10-40℃(recommended 15-35℃)

Response time: 0.5s

Measurement distance: 5-10cm

Power supply: USB cable connection plug; 2*AA battery supply (not included)

3 installation ways: Wall hanging, double-sided adhesive tape, or bracket fixed such as can be placed on a tripod

Size: 16*11.5*9cm


* Sweat, hair, hat, or scarf on the forehead will affect the accuracy of the measurement.

* There could be some deviations due to manual measurement or slight color difference owing to photographing condition. Thank you for your understanding.

Package Information:

Package size: 18*13.5*11cm

Package weight: 346g

Gift Box Package

Packing List:

1* Infrared thermometer

1* USB cable

1* Screw package

1* User manual

Type 4 Details and pictures

The infrared thermometer can be used to read the body temperature and object/surface temperature, better track your body and environment condition .


Touchless measurement, avoids cross infection.

Infrared accurate measurement, error less than+-32.36°F.

Three instllation methods, convenient to use.

Audio and visual fever warning.

Switching between °C and °F.

Alarm value can be set(the default value of this product is 37.5°C).

Mode Switching: There is a amall hole on the back of the device. You can use a 3mm diameter screwdirver to insert the hole and then press the button; long press switch hole for 3s to switch the temperture measurement mode(Sur: surfece mode, Boy: body mode, Cou: Counting Mode)

Install and replcae the battery: remove three screws, open the back base and install 18650 Li battery.

Suitable to use in office, home, school, factory or any other publics.


Accuaracy: +-32.36°F

Alarm: Flashligt+Buzzer

Measuring Range: 32-122°F

Measuring Time: 0.5S

Measuring Distance: 5-10cm

Standy: about 1 week

Installation: Hanging, double sided adhesive tape, frame fixed

Working Temperature: 50°F-104°F(59°F-95°F recommended)

Standby Mode: non working time 5S standby, red dot dynamic cycle

Interface: USB port

Input: USB D-C4.2-5V

Screen: Digital display

Package Weight: 397g/17.6oz

Package Size: 180*144*115mm/7.1*5.7*4.5in

Packing List:


Type 5 Details and pictures


Suitable for many occasions. Come and have a look.


Wall mounted, safe to human body, it can measure body temperatures without actually touching the skin.

With 4 buttons on the surface for setting, you can choose the mode you want.

Alarm function, it will start to “Di Di” when body temperature is abnormal.

Battery-operated or USB powered is supported, convenient for you to use.

Simple operation, easy for you to you get temp readout within seconds.


Type: Infrared Thermometers

Material: PP

Measuring Distance: 1-10cm

Measuring Mode: Non-contact Mode

Power: 3 x AAA Batteries / USB (Not Included)

Response Time: 0.5s

Temperature Range: 32℃~43℃ (89.6°F-109.4°F)

Display Unit: Celsius (℃) Fahrenheit (°F)

Item Size: 150 x 100 x 60mm

Package Size: 180 x 122 x 67mm

Package Weight: 236g

Package List:

1 * Thermometer

1 * English Operating Instructions

Type 6 Details and pictures

Non-contact, backlight, 50 groups storage data, this thermometer is a useful to check body temperature, suitable to use in office, factory, school or any other publics.


High temperature warning. When >37.5°C, the thermometer will give out DIDI sound.

Intelligent detector. Smart chip, high precision.

Non contact temperature measurement, not easy to infect.

Flexible installation. Three installation modes are supported, adapted to more venues.

50 groups storage data, better track your health condition change.



Standy: 5s

Measurig Distance: 1-10cm

Measuring Range: 34.0-43.0°C(86.6-109.4°F)

Responsse Time: 0.5s

Power Supply: D-C3V AAA battery/USB (not included)

Display Unit: °C/°F

Installation: Wall hanging, double-sided adhesive tape, bracket fixed

Input: USB D-C 5V

Package Weight: 222g/7.8oz

Package Size: 150*106*65mm/5.9*4.2*4.2in

Packing List:


Type 7 Details and pictures

This is a professional wall-mounted thermometer which can reduce cro-ss infection effectively. It is widely used for measuring temperature of human body and objects.


Can fa-st read temperature within 2s and the accuracy can reach ±0.2°C (0.4° F) for correct reference.

You can mount the thermometer by using nails, hooks, brackets or included double-sided adhesive tape.

The thermometer allows non-contact testing which helps avert cross-infections among testers as well as eliminates the need of a healthcare worker.

Support 10 languages, can be switched by pressing button, allows various countries use.

This thermometer supports show temperature in both °C and °F.

Voice broadcast, it will tell you whether your temperature is normal.

Suitable for public or private place, like offices, restaurants, bus stations, shopping malls.


Measurement mode:

Human body: 32.0℃-43.0℃(89.6-109.4°F)

Object: 0-60℃ (32-140°F)





Automatic shutdown: 5s

Measuring Distance: 1-30cm

Resolution: 0.1℃/0.1℉

Item size: 117 * 77 * 24mm

Package size: 180 * 110 * 55mm

Package weight: 252g

Packing list:

1 * Thermometer

Type 8 Details and pictures

The infrared thermometer can be used to read the body temperature and object/surface temperature. Wide Applicability: Widely used at home or in factory resumption, office building, shopping mall and so on.

With imported high precision infrared sensor, stable and feasible performance.
Automatic measurement: Measuring distance 8cm~15cm.
Strong environmental temperature adaptability, could normally used in complex environment.
Flexible installation: This infrared thermometer can be placed on a tripod or fixed on the wall to ensure personal safety. Hands-free self-service test.
Large size of LCD screen, double color high brightness backlight, clear and soft display.
Fever alarm. Audio and visual fever warning.
Two temperature units of Celsius (℃) and Fahrenheit (℉) available. Easy to switch.
Automatically save 50 sets of measurement data. Automatically shutdown to save power and energy.

Display exact number of digits: 0.1℃(0.1℉)
Working temperature:10℃~35℃(50℉~95℉)
Relative humidity: ≤85%
Power supply: DC 3V (2cells in series 5) not included
Product size:111*80*120mm
Memory of Data: 30 sets measurement value
*Measurement Range:
Human body measurement range: 32.0~42.5℃(89.6℉~108.5℉)
Measuring distance range: 8~15cm(optimum distance)
Automatic shutdown: About 15s without operation
*Measurement Accuracy:±0.2℃(0.4℉)
Package size: 25*10*6cm
Package weight:320g

Packing List:
1 x Thermometer
1 x Manual

Oximeter 1 Details and pictures

The pulse oximeter can be used to measure human Hemoglobin Saturation and pulse rate through finger, and indicate the pulse intensity by the bar-display. Suitable for use in family, office.


Operation of the product is simple and convenient.

The product is small in volume, light in weight, and convenient in carrying.

Power consumption of the product is low and the AAA batteries can be operated continuously for 20hrs.

The product will automatically be powered off when no signals is in the product within 5s.

The Pulse Oximeter features in small volume, low power consummption , convenient operation and being portable.

Suitable for use in family, office, oxygen bar or any other publics.


Power: 2*AAA (not included)

SPO2 Measurement Range: 70-99%

SPO2 Measurement Accuracy: +-2%

SPO2 Measurement Resolution: +-1%

Pulse Measurement Range: 35-250BPM

Pulse Measurement Accuracy: +-1BPM

Using Temperature: 5-40°C

Display: Digital Tube

Power Waste: 35mA

Measuring Stable Time: >=20s

Package Weight:30.8g/1.1oz

Package Size: 59*33*33mm/2.3*1.3*1.3in

Packing List:


Oximeter 2 Details and pictures

Fingertip pulse oximeter which adopts optical detection technology can measure your blood oxygen saturation and heart rate quickly. Mini size and lightweight, not only suitable for home use, but also suitable for travel use.


One-button operation, optical detection technology, 10s quick measurement.

LCD clear display, 2 directions for conveniently reading.

Clearly displays blood oxygen and heart rate, high accuracy.

Auto shut down in 8 seconds, energy-saving and eco-friendly.

Numbers displayed on the screen will flash when reaching alarm value.

Mini oximeter with lanyard, portable for home or travel use.


Color: Blue & White

Material: ABS

Display Type: LCD Display

SpO2 Measurement range: 70%-90%

SpO2 Accuracy: ±2% on the stage of 80%-99%, ±3% on the stage of 70%-79%

SpO2 Resolution: ±1%

PR Measurement Range: 30BPM-240BPM

PR Accuracy: ±1BPM

Alarm Function: Numbers Flash (SpO2>100, SpO2<90) (PR>130, PR<60)

Battery: 2 * AAA Battery (NOT included)

Working Current: 2.5mA

Operating Condition: 5℃-40℃, 15%-80% RH, 70kPa-106kPa

Item Size: 55 * 30 * 32mm / 2.2 * 1.3 * 1.2in

Item Weight: 26g / 0.9oz

Package Size: 8 * 6.7 * 4.7cm / 3.1 * 2.6 * 1.9in

Package Weight: 43g / 1.5oz

Package List:

1 * Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

1 * User Manual (English)

Oximeter 3 Details and pict

Finger pulse oximeter is an economical and accurate method to detect pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation by finger. Small size, easy to carry. Suitable for daily use, measuring your health at any time.


Multi-function: Digital pulse oximeter can be used to measure pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation levels accurately.

Easy to Read: Support SPO2, pulse, and bar chart, you can view your result very clear with LCD display.

Easy to Use: Accurate and reliable, one button operation, just clip it on to your finger and turn it on at the press of a button. Automatic power off after 5s when not in use.

Widely Applicable: Suitable for everyday use. Widely used in family, oxygen bar, physical care in sports, etc.

Compact Size: The oximeter is lightweight and portable.

Audible alarm function: It supports the audible alarm function, which detailed in the English user manual.


Model: SO 911

Color: white

Material: Plastic

Blood oxygen measurement accuracy: 70 ~ 100%, ± 2%-± 3%, less than 70% undefined

Blood oxygen measurement range: 70 ~ 100% (resolution is 1%)

Pulse measurement range: 30 ~ 250BPM (resolution is 1BPM)

Pulse rate accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2% to the maximium

Data update circle: 0.25s-2s

SpO2 PR average: 8s

Pulse beep: support

Peak Wavelength range: 500 nm-100 nm

Automatic shutdown: when no finger is inserted, it will automatically shut down within 5 seconds

Battery: 2*AAA Batteries (Not Included)

Size: 57.8*31.3*35.9mm

Package size: 85 * 65 * 40mm/3.3 * 2.6 * 1.6inches

Package Weight: 60g

Packing List:

1 x Oximeter

1 x User's Manual

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Wall Mount Thermometer


Household Thermometers

Thermometer Type


Product Type


Human body


Automatic shutdown


Measuring Distance


Item size

117 * 77 * 24mm

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